Letter Of Recommendation Samples

LOR Tips 

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is a mandatory document for your MS or PhD applications. You can get it from your academic Professors (preferably with a PhD degree) or Industry experts, under whom you should have studied/worked. Universities prefer to see LORs from academic Professors rather than Industry experts.

Some Universities need only 2 LORs, while some need 4 LORs. You will have to find 5 people to give you a LOR. The reason for 5 people is because, if you are applying to more than 10 or 12 Universities - you could reduce the work for your recommenders. Generally LOR filling/uploading is a time taking task for busy Professors / Industry experts. Try to help them help you. Plan it well in advance.

Some recommenders prefer to type a LOR for you on their own, some may ask you to type a LOR and bring it to them. Whatever be the case - try to help them to the extent possible with whatever help they need. Because they are carving your future. 

Always ask LORs from people whom you trust. Never ask someone whom you don't know that well, they will end up writing a mediocre / poor LOR which can affect your chance of admission. 

Guidelines & Sample LORs Download 

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LOR Guidelines Link : LOR Guidelines
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Sample Statement Of Purpose Letters

What is  SOP? 

 The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.

What will graduate schools expect in your SOP?  
  Your purpose in graduate study. This means you must have thought this through before you try to answer the question.
  The area of study in which you wish to specialize. This requires that you know the field well enough to make such decision.
  Your future use of your graduate study. This will include your career goals and plans for your future.
  Your special preparation and fitness for study in the field. This is the opportunity to relate your academic background with your extracurricular experience to show how  they unite to make  you a special candidate.
  Any problems or inconsistencies in your records or scores such as a bad semester. Be sure to explain in a positive manner and justify the explanation. Since this is a rebuttal argument, it should be followed by a positive statement of your abilities.
  Any special conditions that are not revealed elsewhere in the application such as a large (35 hour a week) work load outside of school. This too should be followed with a positive statement about yourself and your future.
  You may be asked, "Why do you wish to attend this school?" This requires that you have done your research about the school and know what its special appeal is to you.
  Above all this, the statement is to contain information about you as a person. They know nothing about you that you don't tell them. You are the subject of the statement.

Guidelines & Sample SOPs Download 
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SOP Guidelines Link : SOP Guidelines
SOP Download Link : Computer Science Engineering
SOP Download Link : Electrical Engineering
SOP Download Link : Industrial Engineering
SOP Download Link : Mechanical Engineering
SOP Download Link : Civil Engineering

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GRE Cut Off For US Universities

This article answer to your questions like - What are the Universities to apply with Revised GRE Score.

GRE Universities for Scores > 333US Universities for GRE Score Range 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340. 
Massachusetts Institute of Technologywww.mit.edu
Stanford Universitywww.stanford.edu
University of California- Berkeleywww.berkeley.edu
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaignwww.uiuc.edu
University of Michigan Ann Arborwww.umich.edu
Cornell Universitywww.cornell.edu
University of Texas at Austinwww.utexas.edu
University of Maryland – College parkwww.umd.edu
University of California – San Diegowww.ucsd.edu
California Institute of Technologywww.caltech.edu
University of Wisconsin- Madisonwww.wisc.edu
University of California Los Angleswww.ucla.edu
Harvard Universitywww.harvard.edu
Carnegie Mellon Universitywww.cmu.edu
Universities for Revised GRE Score > 325
US Universities for GRE Score Range 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333
Purdue University –West Lafayettewww.purdue.edu
Princeton Universitywww.princeton.edu
Pennsylvania State University –Univ Parkwww.psu.edu
Georgia Institute of Technologywww.gatech.edu
Virginia poly Techwww.vt.edu
Texas A & M College Stationwww.tamu.edu
Duke Universitywww.duke.edu
University of Washington – Seattlewww.washington.edu
University of Minnesotawww.umn.edu
Columbia Universitywww.columbia.edu
Yale Universitywww.yale.edu
Ohio State Universitywww.osu.edu
University of Pittsburghwww.pitt.edu
Brown university (RI)www.brown.edu
John Hopkins Universitywww.jhu.edu
North Carolina State Universitywww.ncsu.edu
Dartmouth College, NHwww.dartmouth.edu
Iowa State Universitywww.iastate.edu
University of California- Santa Barbarawww.ucsb.edu
Case Western Reserve Universitywww.cwru.edu
Northwestern University (IL)www.northwestern.edu
Arizona State Universitywww.asu.edu
University of Iowawww.uiowa.edu
Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New Brunswickwww.rutgers.edu
Rice Universitywww.rice.edu
University of Rochesterwww.rochester.edu
University of Virginiawww.virginia.edu
University of Pennsylvaniawww.upenn.edu
US Universities for GRE Score Range 321, 322, 323, 324, 325
University of Delawarewww.udel.edu
University of California – Daviswww.ucdavis.edu
University of Colorado –Boulderwww.colorado.edu
University of Notre Damewww.nd.edu
University of Chicagowww.uchicago.edu
Lehigh University (PA)www.lehigh.edu
University of Southern Californiawww.usc.edu
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)www.rpi.edu
University of Cincinnatiwww.uc.edu
University of Florida; Gainesvillewww.ufl.edu
Washington University St Louiswww.wustl.edu
Vanderbilt University (TN)www.vanderbilt.edu
University of California - Irvinewww.uci.edu
Michigan State Universitywww.msu.edu
University of Massachusetts – Amherstwww.umass.edu
Kansas State Universitywww.ksu.edu
University of Alabama- Tuscaloosawww.ua.edu
University of Arizona-Tucsonwww.uarizona.edu
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hillwww.unc.edu
Colorado School of Mineswww.mines.edu
University of Illinois at Chicagowww.uic.edu
University of New Hampshirewww.unh.edu
University of New Mexicowww.unm.edu
Boston Universitywww.bu.edu
Colorado State Universitywww.colostate.edu
Auburn Universitywww.auburn.edu
University of Buffalowww.buffalo.edu
University of Akronwww.uakron.edu
Drexel Universitywww.drexel.edu
Syracuse Universitywww.syr.edu
Oregon State Universitywww.oregonstate.edu
Clemson Universitywww.clemson.edu
US Universities for GRE Score Range 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320
University of Missouri – Rollawww.umr.edu
University of Nebraska Lincolnwww.unl.edu
University of Connecticutwww.uconn.edu
University of Utahwww.utah.edu
University of Tennessee-Knoxvillewww.utk.edu
West Virginia Universitywww.wvu.edu
University of Kansaswww.ku.edu
SUNY- stony brookwww.sunnysb.edu
University of Georgiawww.uga.edu
University of Missouri-Columbiawww.mizzou.edu
Oklahoma State Universitywww.okstate.edu
Louisiana State University-Baton Rougewww.lsu.edu
University of South Carolinawww.sc.edu
Tulane Universitywww.tulane.edu
Indiana University - Bloomingtonwww.indiana.edu
University of Oklahomawww.ou.edu
University of Miamiwww.miami.edu
University of Texas – Dallaswww.utdallas.edu
Ohio University –Athenswww.ohiou.edu
University of Houston –Houstonwww.uh.edu
Michigan technological Universitywww.mtu.edu
University of Mainewww.umaine.edu
University of Kentuckywww.uky.edu
George Washington Universitywww.gwu.edu
University of Central Floridawww.ucf.edu
US Universities for GRE Score Range 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314
Northern Illinois Universitywww.niu.edu
Indiana University Purdue Universitywww.iupui.edu
University of Memphiswww.memphis.edu
University of Nevada Los Vegaswww.unlv.edu
University of Alabama-Huntsvillewww.uah.edu
University of Idahowww.uidaho.edu
Mississippi State universitywww.msstate.edu
University of Missouri, Kansas Citywww.umkc.edu
University of North Carolina-Charlottewww.uncc.edu
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science &Techwww.ogi.edu
George Mason Universitywww.gmu.edu
University of Indianapoliswww.uindy.edu
University of Nebraska Omahawww.unomaha.edu
University of South Florida- Tampawww.usf.edu
Middle Tennessee State Universitywww.mtsu.edu
Polytechnic University (NY)www.poly.edu
University of New Orleanswww.uno.edu
University of Arkansas- Fayettevillewww.uark.edu
Tennessee Technological Universitywww.tntech.edu
University of South Floridawww.usf.edu
University of Louisiana-Lafayettewww.lousiana.edu
Florida Institute of Technologywww.fit.edu
Illinois Institute of Technologywww.iit.edu
Washington State Universitywww.wsu.edu
Georgia State Universitywww.gsu.edu
US Universities for GRE Score Range 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308
Texas Tech Universitywww.ttu.edu
Wayne State Universitywww.wayne.edu
California State University, Sacramentowww.csus.edu
Missouri State Universitywww.missouristate.edu
New Mexico State Universitywww.nmsu.edu
North Dakota State Universitywww.ndsu.edu
University of Texas-Arlingtonwww.uta.edu
Clarkson Universitywww.clarkson.edu
Wright State Universitywww.wright.edu
University of Tennessee Chattanoogawww.utc.edu
University of Tulsawww.utulsa.edu
Portland state universitywww.pdx.edu
University of Vermontwww.uvm.edu
Baylor University, Texaswww.baylor.edu
Villanova Universitywww.villanova.edu
University of Tampawww.utampa.edu
Louisiana Tech. Universitywww.latech.edu
New Jersey Institute of Technologywww.njit.edu
Idaho State Universitywww.isu.edu
Wichita State Universitywww.wichita.edu
University of Mississippiwww.olemiss.edu
Northeastern Universitywww.northeastern.edu
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsvillewww.siue.edu
University of Alaska- Fairbankswww.uaf.edu
Pace University, NYwww.pace.edu
Wright State Universitywww.wright.edu
Chicago State Universitywww.csu.edu
South Dakota State Universitywww.sdsu.edu
East Carolina Universitywww.ecu.edu
University of North Texaswww.unt.edu
SUNY Institute of Technologywww.sunyit.edu
University of Missouri at St Louiswww.umsl.edu
University of Northern Iowawww.uni.edu
University of Toledowww.utoledo.edu
University of Illinois at Springfieldwww.uis.edu
Old Dominion University, Virginiawww.odu.edu
US Schools for Revised GRE Score > 290
US Universities for GRE Score Range 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 298, 299, 300
Northwest Missouri State Universitywww.nwmissouri.edu
Lamar Universitywww.lamar.edu
Illinois State University, Normalwww.ilstu.edu
University of Louisvillewww.louisville.edu
Texas A & M University, Commercetamu-commerce.edu
Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springswww.coloradotech.edu
Boise State university, Idahowww.boisestate.edu
Montana State University, Bozemanwww.montana.edu
South Dakota School of Mines & technologywww.sdsmt.edu
North Carolina Agricultural & Tech State Universitywww.ncat.edu
Southern Illinois University, Carbondalewww.siuc.edu
Florida International universitywww.fiu.edu
North Dakota State Universitywww.nodak.edu
Western Kentucky Universitywww.wku.edu
Bradley Universitywww.bradley.edu
Cleveland State Universitywww.csuohio.edu
University of Bridgeport –CTwww.bridgeport.edu
University of Dayton –Ohiowww.udayton.edu
Texas A & M university, Kingsvillewww.tamuk.edu
University of West Florida, Pensacolawww.uwf.edu
Eastern Michigan Universitywww.emich.edu
Minnesota State University, Mankatowww.mnsu.edu
Suffolk University, MAwww.suffolk.edu
University of North Carolina, Greensborowww.uncg.edu
New Mexico Institute of Mining &Tech.www.nmt.edu
University of Central Arkansaswww.uca.edu
Southeastern University, DCwww.seu.edu
University of Hawaiiwww.hawai.edu
University of Texas, Tylerwww.uttyler.edu
Eastern Washington Universitywww.ewu.edu
Southern Oregon University, Ashlandwww.sou.edu
University of Texas at San Antoniowww.utsa.edu
State University of West Georgiawww.westga.edu
Ball State Universitywww.bsu.edu
University of Texas El Pasowww.utep.edu
Columbus State Universitywww.colstate.edu
Arkansas State Universitywww.astate.edu
University of Denverwww.du.edu
North Dakota State Universitywww.ndsu.edu
New York Institute of Technologywww.nyit.edu
California State University, Chicowww.csuchico.edu
Dakota State Universitywww.dsu.edu
St Cloud State Universitywww.stcloudstate.edu
Marquette Universitywww.marquette.edu
MS in US Universities for Low GRE Scores ( Below 290)
US Schools for GRE Scores - 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 289.
Temple University, PAwww.temple.edu 
City College of the City of New York www.cuny.edu 
Northeastern Illinois University www.neiu.edu 
University of Detroit Mercy www.udmercy.edu 
University of Arkansas Little Rock www.ualr.edu 
California State University, Fresnowww.csufresno.edu 
Alabama A & M Universitywww.aamu.edu 
Widener University, Pennsylvania www.widener.edu
Alcorn State University www.alcorn.edu 
Gannon University www.gannon.edu 
University of Findlay-Ohio www.findlay.edu
San Diego State University, California www.sdsu.edu
Ball State Universitywww.bsu.edu 
Northwestern Polytechnic Universitywww.npu.edu 
Jacksonville State University www.jsu.edu 
Saint Joseph University www.sju.edu 
Chapman University www.chapman.edu 
Kent State Universitywww.kent.edu 
Ferris State Universitywww.ferris.edu 
University of New Haven, CT www.newhaven.edu 
Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey www.fdu.edu 
State University of New York, Albany www.albany.edu 
College of William & Mary www.wm.edu 
East Tennessee State Universitywww.etsu.edu 
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos www.swt.edu 
DePaul University www.depaul.edu 
Mc Neese State Universitywww.mcneese.edu 
Oakland Universitywww.oakland.edu 
Sam Houston State University www.shsu.edu 
San Jose state Universitywww.sjsu.edu 
William Patterson University www.wpunj.edu 
Western Carolina University www.wcu.edu 
University of Central Oklahoma www.ucok.edu 
Widener Universitywww.widener.edu 
University of St Thomas, MN www.stthomas.edu 
Western Illinois university www.wiu.edu 
Bowling Green State University, Ohio www.bgsu.edu 
Delaware State Universitywww.desu.edu
State University of New York, New Paltz www.newpaltz.edu 
Central Michigan University www.cmich.edu 
University of Southern Mississippi www.usm.edu 
Indian University South Bendwww.iusb.edu 
Saint Mary’s University San Antoniowww.stmarytx.edu 
Shippensburg University, PA www.ship.edu 
East Tennessee State University www.etsu.edu 
University of Texas, Pan America www.panam.edu 
Jackson State University www.jsums.edu 
Oklahoma City Universitywww.ocu.edu 
Frostburg State University www.frostburg.edu 
La Salle University, PA www.lasalle.edu 
Alfred University www.alfred.edu 
Monmouth University-New Jersey www.monmouth.edu
Southern New Hampshire Universitywww.snhu.edu 
Roosevelt University Chicago www.roosevelt.edu 
Drake university www.drake.edu 
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvaniawww.ship.edu 
Duquesne Universitywww.duq.edu 
Georgia College & State Universitywww.gcsu.edu 
Georgia Southern Universitywww.georgiasouthern.edu
Kennesaw State Universitywww.kennesaw.edu 
Long Island Universitywww.liu.edu 
Loyola University Chicagowww.luc.edu 
Northern Kentucky University www.nku.edu 
Lawrence Tech University www.ltu.edu 
Clark Atlanta Universitywww.cau.edu 
California State University, Northridge www.csun.edu 
Catholic University of America, Washington www.cua.edu
Ohio Dominican College (University), Ohio www.ohiodominican.edu 
Ferris State University, Michigan www.ferris.edu
Fitchburg State University, MA www.fsc.edu 
Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii www.hpu.edu
Northwood University, Michigan www.northwood.edu 
Johnson and Wales University, RIwww.jwu.edu
Governors State University, Parkway IL www.govst.edu 
Troy State University, Alabama www.troyst.edu 
Stevens Institute of Technologywww.stevens-tech.edu 
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Ratonwww.fau.edu 
Golden Gate Universitywww.ggu.edu 
Howard University www.howard.edu 
Dominican University www.dom.edu 
Any Cuff off GRE Scores for Universities?
Is GRE Score Mandatory for Admissions into US Universities?

Universities for Revised GRE Score > 320

MS in US Universities for Revised GRE Score > 314

Revised GRE Score Universities for GRE > 308

Revised GRE Universities for GRE > 300

What is the GRE Score required for US University Admissions?

A Score above 325 can get you into Excellent universities. 315 - 325 will get admission from above average US Universities. 300-315 Score for Average Universities.
Follow the below table to know the universities suitable for your GRE Profile.

Most of the universities don't mention the GRE Cut off scores except a few. Check university websites for information. Having above Cut off limit won't guarantee admission.

Most of Universities require GRE. Few Exceptions.