Electronic Equipments

Thing to remember here is - Electronic equipment in USA is less expensive, compared to prices in India. Plan to carry what you need. You can satisfy your wants once you come here.

Mobile Phone : 
  • Get your cell phone. It saves you a ton of money and pain. 
  • All tri-band & quad-band phones work here. 
  • So you just need to get a SIM. 
  • Getting a phone would mostly mean entering into a contract. Non-contract phones don’t come cheap. 
  • You can upgrade to a smartphone at a later point of time when you’re ready to shell the money. Until then you’ll have your phone.

Laptop : 
  • Laptop prices in USA is very low! If you don't have a laptop or someone in the family needs one - don't worry - buy one in USA.
  • How to buy a laptop before coming to USA : 
    • There will be many trustworthy & helpful seniors. Contact them and ask them if you can buy remotely and ship it to their address.
    • Place an order for the laptop (from India) about 2-weeks before you go, and it would have arrived before you reach USA. 
  • Important Note (for people buying a laptop), the laptops come in 3 forms - 
    • First-hand : This is a fresh piece. (~recommended)
    • Refurbished : 
        • This is a repaired piece
        • This will have a fresh warranty from the time you purchase this piece. 
        • Its as good as a new piece, but its not worth buying this.
    • Used : This is a used laptop. Its not a good option to go for this. 
  • Good websites to buy a laptop from : 

Hard Disks & Pen Drives : 
  • Get your Pen Drives.
  • Get your Hard Disks - with backed up data.
  • Also if you plan to buy a MAC, get a compatible Hard Disk.

Music Player : 
  • Get your iPods or MP3 Players for the travel.
  • If you dont have one, dont bother ~ you get a decent in-flight entertainment.
  • You can also buy these music players in the USA, when there are good deals.

Camera : 
  • Needless to say, get your camera and your tripod if you’re a photography enthusiast.
  • You can always buy it in the USA, its priced lower than what you pay in India.

Others :
  • Get your watch battery checked. Replacing it here can be a problem during the start.
  • Get an universal adapter for your electronic goods.
  • Headphones & Earphones are expensive in USA, try to get a good set from India.


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