Depends on whether you plan to cook alone or with your housemates, since most people don't get time to cook daily, stuff is generally prepared for two days at a go - so keep this in mind when you buy vessels or carry vessels.

Typical stuff you may want is:
{?? : Optional , ** : Difficult to find in USA}
  • Plates microwaveable & ceramic ONLY (2-3)
  • Glasses (2-3)
  • Cups/Bowls (2-3)
  • Forks (2)
  • Spoons (2)
  • Cooking Vessels (2)
  • Cooker containers & spares (rings and valves) (1)
  • Pressure Cooker (1)
  • Non-stick frying pan with spatula (1)
  • ??Non-stick tava (1)
  • Tongs (1)
  • Knives (1-2)
  • Cutting Board (1) 
  • Peeler (1)
  • ??Egg beater (1)
  • ??Grater (1)
  • **Tea strainer (1)
  • ??Coffee filter (1)
  • Scrub (1)
  • Dish Washing liquid/soap (1)

Note: Get flat bottomed vessels as far as possible. Unlike us, they use electric coils for cooking (Cooking Gas is rare). You’ll need a few more things like containers for spices and cereals which you can buy them here instead of carrying. You get half a dozen boxes or more for less than $5. 


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