Statement Of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a reflection of your goals, aspirations, academic highlights, co-curricular achievements and your enthusiasm for higher studies. You will have to pay special attention to draft your SOP. 

Be very meticulous in framing your SOP. It is something that the professors are surely going to read. You need to highlight all your strong points and also explain (in short) the reasons of any shortfall in your application. 

You need to spend a lot of time on your SOP. 

The step by step manner in which it should be prepared is:  

  • Academics : Write down all your academic highlights that you want to put in your SOP. Brainstorm for all the academic projects, scholarships that you got, college level technical prizes etc. You need to prepare a exhaustive list of all the things you want to mention in the SOP.  Once done with the list, sort it in the order of most important achievements to the trivial ones. 
  • Extra Curriculars : List all your extra curriculars (like sports, music, dance etc.).
  • Work Experience : Write down all details from your internships and work experience.
  • Structure : Most people prefer a good punch line/starting phrase to start the SOP with. You can find or draft one in case you want to open with a quote. 
  • Story : Depending on the program you are applying, you need to prepare a storyboard from your list of achievements. Put them in most coherent manner so that you state your goals, objectives and aspirations very clearly.  
  • Content : Write a text of about 2 pages (600 - 700 words). 
  • Spell Check : Review it for any grammar/spelling mistake.  
  • Proof Reading : Once done from your side, get it reviewed by some of your seniors who have written it before. Incorporate the suggestions from them.  
Once done with the reviews prepare a final draft of your Statement of Purpose.  

Note: Although the basic content of the SOP remains the same for all the Universities, you need to modify the specific contents based on the program and University you are applying for. For example, if your are applying for network security program, your SOP should highlight your network related works. If you have applied for Operating Systems specialization in another University, this time your OS related projects and research needs to be highlighted.  I have a nice collection of sample Statement of Purpose. I took extensive help from these SOPs. By reading them, I got a fair idea of what all things a good SOP should have. I am sharing this collection of statement of purpose. You can download them from below.


SOP Guidelines Link : SOP Guidelines
SOP Download Link  : Computer Science Engineering
SOP Download Link  : Electrical Engineering
SOP Download Link  : Industrial Engineering
SOP Download Link  : Mechanical Engineering
SOP Download Link  : Civil Engineering
SOP Download Link  : Chemical Engineering
SOP Download Link  : BioMedical Engineering


  1. As a graduating student, I think that the statement of purpose is the hardest thing I will ever write.
    Statement of Purpose

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  4. Hey, thanks for the post! Also I have a question. I read at this website about statement of purpose that you shoudn't write irrelevant to your field extra curriculars but here you mention sports and music, so is it okay to mention them because baseball is pretty important for me and I've gained some achievements in it. Thanks for your time!

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